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Please vote for Aseem on Line A or Line E.

Please vote for Aseem on Line A or Line E.

"Aseem Kumar is a member of the Independence Party. He’s a candidate with an inspiring life story and unique qualifications — that’s why he’s running with the support of the Democratic Party and the newly formed, nonpartisan No Party movement.

Aseem Kumar arrived in the United States with just twenty dollars in his pocket and a haunting memory of the world’s deadliest industrial catastrophe. Back in 1984, a Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, India, released a toxic pesticide, resulting in the immediate loss of over 2000 lives and the subsequent deaths of thousands more. This tragedy served as an extreme example of both governmental and corporate failures. In 1989, Aseem brought with him a vital lesson from India to America: Always ask questions; take nothing for granted; and do your job.

Aseem, now an environmental engineer working for the Department of Environmental Conservation, remains deeply concerned about the impact of Colonie’s growth on our water, air quality, traffic, and open spaces. His remarkable strength lies in his empathetic nature, as he demonstrates a sincere willingness to listen and understand the experiences of others.

Over the years, Aseem has actively participated in the Shaker PTA, coached soccer, served as a scout leader, and held a position on the Executive Board of the Public Employees Federation. His decision to run for the Town Board stems from a desire to contribute even more to the betterment of Colonie beyond what he has already given."

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